"Great seeing multiple agencies/organizations working together. Absolutely love the focus with SFTU Chapter and Hangman Creek & Redband Trout. Great Work, Really Enjoyed it!"

Megan Ellis

"I really hope it does well. It's very reminiscent of Oregon Field Guide, which is the OPB gold standard as far as I'm concerned. Very informative without being dry and great visuals. Would definitely watch again A++"


"Can’t wait for the series to air. It’s mind blowing how we are all connected by the same water in the PNW."

Columbia Basin Outdoor

"Very well done! I really appreciate the work from all involved in this effort."

Britten Jay

"Two thumbs up! Just watched it and am now looking forward to future episodes. The visuals are stunning; the content is highly informative. I could use this with the middle school kids I tutor, too."


"Awesome Job! I love the fact that you kept the content simple, yet very informative for people that may not know all the issues involved with the Spokane."

Wayne Jordan

"Gorgeous! You all did a fantastic job. Vancouver Islander and aspiring film maker here. Very inspiring work."

Aaron, Vancouver Island

"Your video series brings this to the masses and can better educate the public. Thank you."

Daniel Brereton
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